WTA certification program announces provisional certification of gomedia’s catania (Italy) teleport

September 12, 2022

Press Release

The World Teleport Association (WTA) today announced that Gomedia has achieved provisional certification of its teleport in Catania, Italy under WTA’s Teleport Certification Program.

Since its introduction at IBC 2015, the Certification program has quickly grown in popularity. Starting with one certified facility in 2015, the program has added 40 in 3 years, and currently has 12 teleports engaged in the quality evaluation process. Certifications have been issued to teleports operated by Azercosmos, IABG Teleport, Servicio Satelital, A1 Telekom Austria, Hellas Sat, USEI, AXESS Networks, STN, Eutelsat, du, COMSAT, Optus, Talia, Telespazio, Vivacom, Cyta, Singtel, PlanetCast, Horizon Teleports, Etisalat, Satellite Media Services, Radiocom, Hawaii Pacific Teleport, Intelsat, Speedcast, Telstra, Primacom, Santander Teleport, Orange and Arqiva. The industry has quickly adopted the transparent, independently verified standards as a means for teleports to differentiate themselves and for customers to choose the price-performance level suitable for their applications.

To achieve Provisional Certification, a teleport operator completes a +170-item questionnaire and submits it to WTA. The Association analyzes the data based on standards established by its Certification Committee and issues the Provisional Certification based on the self-reported information. The teleport then has six months to achieve Full Certification. To achieve Full Certification under WTA’s program, an auditor is dispatched to visit the teleport, provide independent validation of the data submitted in the questionnaire, and identify additional factors that may positively or negatively affect the score. Full Certification is issued at a Tier number from 1 through 4, of which 4 represents the highest degree of excellence, and remains in effect for 3 years.

“Gomedia is providing up to 150 Mbps to governmental and business customers through its advanced teleport in Catania. Gomedia is grateful for the ongoing trust shown by its many customers in need of very advanced and secure services,” said Gaetano Morena, CEO of Gomedia.

“Certification supplies the crucial missing answer to the teleport customer’s biggest question: what quality of service will I really receive?” said executive director Robert Bell. “Independent, standards-based evaluation and validation sets teleport operators apart and assures customers that they will receive the price-performance outcome they expect.”

WTA’s Teleport Certification Program serves both teleport operators and their customers by creating an objective, transparent, and internationally accepted method for teleport operators to document the quality of their operations for customers and strategic partners. It also provides a means for customers to select teleport vendors delivering the price-performance level that is appropriate for their applications. Click here for a list of certified teleports.

For more information about the Teleport Certification Program, visit https://www.worldteleport.org/?page=Certification or email WTA Membership Director Randall Barney at rbarney@worldteleport.org.

About World Teleport Association
The World Teleport Association (www.worldteleport.org) has been helping its members aim higher since our founding in 1985. Today, WTA is the leading partner in growth for teleport operators, advocating for their commercial interests and promoting excellence in their business practices, technology and operations. The association publishes best-practice reports and presents webinars on technology changes and their business and market impacts. It also presents events and awards and provides global certification and assessment programs to validate excellence and drive improvement. Aiming higher creates opportunity. Aiming higher brings risk. WTA is dedicated to helping its members seize the opportunities and manage the risks to find the paths to growth in a massively changing market.

About Gomedia
Gomedia offers world-leading mobile satellite services with up to 150Mbps, fully integrated through the customers´ application environment with a high degree of security for customers such as Defense, Emergency Services, NGOs.

To improve effectiveness for its customers, Gomedia is expanding its facility and offerings as a top-level and sought-after provider. With its 50,000 sq mt facility, Gomedia operates one of the largest teleport facilities in Europe.

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