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About us

Gomedia Satcom is an innovative startup operating in the telecommunications sector and in particular in the field of satellite connectivity.

Gaetano Morena is the founder and CEO of Gomedia Satcom.


The experience gained over the years in the most important national and international telecommunication companies (CSELT, TIM, Verizon, Acantho, Telit, Wisecursat) covering different roles (Project Manager, Senior Engineer, Chief Technology Officer, Marketing and Sales Director) have completed the baggage of technological skills necessary to operate in a constantly evolving and high-tech sector.




Gomedia Satcom offers broadband satellite IP connectivity services up to 150Mbp in transmission in a wide geographical area shown in the maps below (and in update).

The satellite station for access to services can be fixed or mobile (installed on a vehicle), Gomedia Satcom has several satellite terminal solutions available and is able to support the customer for integration and installation of the terminals also to the abroad.

The possible connectivity schemes provide for connection to the client's corporate network (with access point in Italy or abroad), access to VPNs and the Internet and to Voice over IP and Videoconferencing services.

Through an operating center (NOC) active H24 Gomedia Satcom is able to monitor the quality of services and possibly activate resolutive interventions, even on-site, if necessary.

Contact us to our references to deepen our offer of services, a Sales Specialist will be at your disposal to check a solution of satellite connectivity suited to your needs.

Our Customers

Gomedia Satcom manages satellite connectivity services for primary institutional subjects including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department of Civil Protection and the Ministry of Defense.

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